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    personal debt

    Buy now pay later dos and don’ts

    Buy now pay later accounts are a tempting way to purchase what you want – and what you need. But, before you get spend happy, here are some things to consider

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    Rent vs Buy: The pros and cons post-pandemic

    Rent vs buy: it’s the big dilemma of our generation. Is rent money really dead money? And what are the pros and cons of each in Australia’s post-pandemic climate?

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    Topics: Research, Personal Debt, buying a house, renting a house, buying, renting, rent vs buy, Loans Refinancing

    Federal budget 2021-22: How will it affect me?

    Josh Frydenberg’s federal budget 2021-22 announcement included many provisions to support Australia’s economic recovery. What does this mean for individuals and SMBs?

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    Should I pay off debt or save for retirement?

    Deciding whether you should save for retirement or pay off debt isn’t easy. Retirement can be costly but so can high interest debts. We’ll help you find the answer. 

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    Topics: Debt Agreements, Debt Consolidation, Personal Debt, debt, debt calculator, retirement, retirement calculator, pay off debt, pay debt or save, Loans Refinancing

    Part 9 Debt Agreement Discharge: What to Expect Once the Agreement is Over

    A Part 9 Debt Agreement discharge is your chance for a fresh financial start. Your debts are repaid, your financial slate is clean and you are in a position to start over.

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    Topics: Debt Agreements, Personal Debt

    JobKeeper and JobSeeker Supplement payments are ending – How will it affect you?

    Currently receiving JobKeeper or JobSeeker Coronavirus Supplement payments? How will you budget when they stop in March? Here’s what you need to know.

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    Topics: Budgeting, Debt Consolidation, Personal Debt, debt, debt help, Calculator, Budget Planner, JobKeeper, JobSeeker, coronavirus supplement, Job Keeper Changes, jobkeeper dates, centrelink jobkeeper