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    Private Health Insurance: An Infographic

    Private health insurers continue to increase premium prices, leaving many people wondering if private health insurance is worth the cost.

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    Topics: Research, Personal Debt, Debt Management Plans

    Credit Card Debt in Australia: An Infographic

    Credit card debt in Australia: 32 billion reasons to cut up your credit card.

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    Topics: Debt Consolidation, Research, Personal Debt

    How to Manage Your Finance During a Divorce: An Infographic

    How to manage your finance during a divorce.

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    Topics: Bankruptcy, Personal Insolvency, Research, Personal Debt, Debt Management Plans

    Roll Your Debts Away! Snowball Method: An Infographic

    The Snowball Method is a debt reduction strategy that is used by a lot of people today to manage their overwhelming number of debts. The way it works is, you pay off your debts in order of smallest to largest.

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    Topics: Budgeting, Research

    Debt Agreement Pros and Cons: An Infographic

    Are you considering a Part 9 Debt Agreement? Before you decide, you should weigh up the Debt Agreement pros and cons.

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    Topics: Debt Agreements, Research

    Income and Debt Holding More Australians Back than Health

    Financial factors are stopping more than half of Australians from achieving their life goals, according to research by Debt Rescue part of Lanyana Financial Group. As many as 53.2% of those surveyed responded with income and debt as being the main factor inhibiting their aspirations in life.

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